Growing up, my father always called really good songs ‘cuts’. He would say, “Oh that’s the cut! Turn it up!” when someone else was the one managing the turntable stereo. I’ve since adopted that word in my own parlance and created a personal project that bears that word in the name along with a visual styling that brings me back to that time in my youth.

Frustrated by the clunkiness of sharing what I was listening to through a screenshot on Instagram Stories (long before the Spotify integration), I thought up a way to share and highlight the artists’ work that I was really feeling that week.

The Daily Cut is a song of the day series that leverages Instagram Stories in a unique way. Each day, I select a song to be featured and share a 10 second animation and sample of the track to my Instagram Story and add the song to a playlist on Spotify.

You can find the playlist on Spotify by searching for ‘The Daily Cut’ or by following this link.

Keep your eyes on my Stories for The Daily Cut II.

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